Get Involved

If you are interested in WormGUIDES there are a number of ways to get involved in the project:

Create and Share Annotations:

 If you’ve created a color scheme or annotated story in the WormGUIDES App that will be useful to the community, send it to us! We’ll add it to our downloads section and credit you.

Contribute to the Codebase:

WormGUIDES App is an open source project available on github. Download it, edit it, and if you make bug fixes or useful  feature additions, let us know so we can incorporate them.

Suggest a Promoter:

 If you have a promoter that you think is sparsely expressed in the embryo and might be useful for WormGUIDES, send it to us and we’ll test it out.

Request a Cell:

 Have a favorite cell you think would make a particularly useful addition to WormGUIDES? Let us know and we’ll try to prioritize characterizing its developmental dynamics.

Learn More and Help Us Improve!.
Before and during the first funding period for WormGUIDES, we have made continual efforts to spread awareness of the project and elicit requests for specific features and improvements to the resource's public interface.  Some of our best current features were suggested by users of our software, then taken up and realized by the WormGUIDES development team. We expect even more such idea-flow as the resource grows in popularity.  We will continue to organize booths annually at the C. elegans community's alternating International and Nervous-System Meetings.  We will also schedule dedicated tutorial workshops for new and learning users of WormGUIDES software, where features of the Atlas and CytoSHOW applications will be demonstrated, the scope of the data and model content of the resource can be fully explained and explored, and the direct associations between model features and image data elements can be illustrated. 

This sort of instructional outreach is essential.  Community comfort with these interfaces is of utmost importance. Our model of neurogenesis must be accessible and be used to be a resource.    Our scene-link design scheme, makes annotated active user feedback on WormGUIDES resource content a relatively simple affair.  In addition to the usual verbal channels for critical feedback to WormGUIDES staff, scene-links made by a user can point us right at the feature or datum in dispute.  In fact, we plan for each model and data sets to have two public WormGUIDES-generated scene-links.  The first will be the clean-curated version, per our best information and judgment.  The second will automatically collect and share all spatiotemporal annotations posted by users via scene-links submitted to WormGUIDES for public display.  This will be a truly multi-dimensional "comments section" to the Atlas or image data: informative, educational, and – with luck – occasionally provocative of healthy debate between users.  WormGUIDES staff will passively monitor this open-forum/scene-link, to find observations that benefit the polished curated version of the resource.