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April 2017 Publication by Shah et al (Dev Cell, 41, 195-203)  revealed that convergent extension underlies the assembly of the ventral nerve cord, and a novel function of SAX-3/Robo in neural morphogenesis to regulate cell intercalation in parallel to the PCP pathway.  See also commentary by Martha Soto.

March 2017 Joint meeting of Bao and Colón-Ramos labs in NYC on 3/13: to refine pipeline for marker making and characterization.

August 2016 Publication of improvements to the diSPIM system:

July 2016  Presentation, live demo and official release of desktop WormGUIDES at CeNeuro 2016 in Nagoya, Japan  This is the first official release of WormGUIDES App that includes: detailed neural shapes, note taking and sharing functionality and detailed single cell information summaries.

May 2016 WormGUIDES mini team retreat, Valley Forge, PA. Planning imaging and image alignment methods development.

March 28, 2016 Advisory Board Meeting and beta launch of desktop WormGUIDES. The WormGUIDES advisory board met to discuss and set priorities for WormGUIDES software development and single cell outgrowth data collection. 

January 2016 WormGUIDES alpha release and team retreat, NY, NY. Evaluation of desktop WormGUIDES alpha release and planning data collection and software development. 

December 2015 Publication presenting our worm straightening pipeline.  Straightening the moving worm will allow the extension of data collection through till hatching. 

July 2015 WormGUIDES team retreat, Woods Hole MA. Planning software development and imaging strategy.

June 2015 Publication describing the WormGUIDES mobile app. 

June 2015 WormGUIDES table at the 20th international C. elegans meeting in Los Angeles, CA.  We gave out jigsaw puzzles showing a time lapse of early neuronal development. 

Older news below...

A new paper in Nature Protocols.

A new paper and iBiology video on the Shroff Lab's hi-speed, hi-res 5D imaging system.

October 12, 2012: The first phase of our EM reconstruction of the adult C. elegans nerve ring is now complete, and available for viewing and analysis on-line.